Identify target groups


After you define communication objectives, you need to identify specific target groups relevant to your objectives. Try to answer the question: What are the main characteristics of your target group? Who are the people important for the objective you wish to achieve?

Young people in education outside of their home cities are those who took the road of early independence by seeking education in other places, mainly due to lack of education possibilities after primary or high school. These young people are interested in advancing in their careers and they are ready to take advantage of any possibility that can provide them with education, certification or relevant skills for their appearance on the job market. Due to this, they are more prone to make independent decisions and take the opportunity in order to try something. 

Social wisely, they are looking for new friendships on an international level same as on domestic one. These young people often resides in student dormitories.

With that in mind, try to recognize which young people have these features and try to approach them according to our suggestions.

To boost your engagement contact organizations and associations that gather young people in education outside of their home cities and ask them to share and support your posts. That could be:

Youth association

Youth organizations


Student dormitory groups