The Study Session “Soci@lise” is an educational activity organised by Youth Express Network and Connect International in cooperation with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe. With this study session, we want to bring 2 worlds, 2 networks and 2 approaches together and find a common ground for policy recommendations in regards to youth rights, social rights, digital rights in the digital era.

The aim of this study session is to open a discussion on how Human Rights, Social Rights and Youth Rights in the digital era have been affected and transformed during the pandemic.

The objectives of this study session are to:

  • Explore whether Human Rights, social rights and youth rights are being infringed or enhanced in the digital era during the pandemic;
  • Discuss the risks and weaknesses of digitalization in terms of equality, access and inclusion (in the perspective of disadvantaged groups);
  • Create policy recommendations introducing digital rights of young people as important aspect of the YR guarantee
  • Advocate for introduction of digital component in recommendations related to social rights of young people

This Study session is designed for 20 participants experienced or acquainted with at least one of the following areas:

  • Digital education / digitalisation
  • Youth / social work (ground experience)
  • Rights-based work (Youth Rights / Social Rights/ Human Rights)
  • Policy-making / Policy-practicing / Policy-reflecting

Participants can be 18-30 years old (we can accept 25% over 30 years old if justified).

Date details

Start date: 12.07.2021.End date: 18.07.2021.Deadline for applying: 19.05.2021.

Application link and eligible countries

You can apply by filling in the online application form